Spend More Time Closing and Less Time Qualifying

The smartest way to engage & convert your inbound leads into qualified, sales-ready opportunities, using our hybrid blend of AI driven follow-up, and highly trained reps. No more leads falling through the cracks. Win the speed to lead game every time and continue the follow-up for up to a year.

We engage, qualify, and convert your leads into scheduled sales opportunities allowing your team to make better use of their time.

Lead Qualification

When you receive a new lead we reach out to them within 5 minutes. Doing so makes it 600x more likely to connect with them and have the opportunity to qualify them and find out if it makes sense for them to take the next step in the sales process.

Lead Nurturing

Not all leads are ready to move forward and it doesn't make sense for you to spend your time with them right now. In that case we nurture the leads using text and email for up to a year.

Database Reactivation

Your business has a list of prospects that have gone cold and past clients that can be reengaged to sell to again, ask for referrals, or get reviews. We find the hidden money in your database and put it in your hands.


Experts In Lead Conversion

Converting more leads takes a strategy and precise execution. What you say and when you say it dramatically effect your conversion rate. Following up with every lead within 5 minutes, following up a minimum of 6 times, and following up across multiple channels increases your lead conversion rate by up to 80%. Couple that with proper lead qualification and you and your team will be able to spend your time selling to leads that will actually turn into paying customers. Do lead follow-up right and watch your sales conversion rates skyrocket, while you spend less time and money selling.

Track Everything

Everything we do is backed by data to prove our worth.


Spend Less On Marketing

Most companies are familiar with the feeling of hope and prayer marketing. You hope and pray that it works while you're writing out your check to pay for it. Using our lead management platform you'll be able to see where every lead comes from, how many leads from each source convert to sales opps, and how many of them turn into paying customers. Couple that with an increased lead conversion rate and you'll be spending less to make more. Or spending more to make way more.

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Sales Strategy

Looking for a way to automate repetitive sales tasks and be more efficient with your entire process? We can build out an entire sales system to meet your needs. Consider this if you have bottle necks in your sales process, spend a lot of time doing the same thing over and over, or don't have consistencies in things like asking for reviews after every sale.

Lead Generation

Get More Leads For Your Business

If your business needs more leads we have lead generation specialists to help you get more leads through paid digital advertising campaigns using google, facebook, instagram, and more.

We also have a lot of experience working with clients and seeing other advertising options that traditionally work well such as direct mail or trade shows.

Our Process

Lead Management System Buildout

Before we start converting your leads we integrate our software with your current stack and integrate our calendar with the one you currently use. Then we make sure all compliance copy is in place and we build out scripts for automations, cadences for campaigns, and wait for your final approval.

Lead Follow-Up

Once we "go live" our system automatically follows-up with your new leads via text and/or email within 5 minutes of when they are received. We can also call inbound leads during office hours. We continue to attempt to engage leads for up to one year using your pre-built follow-up campaign.

1 On 1 Conversations At Scale

Once your lead responds to the automated campaign they are immediately pulled out of the campaign and our AI driven, human backed, conversation engine takes over from there to have real conversations. The power of having unscripted, non-automated conversations at scale allows us to ask any qualifying questions necessary to properly move your lead forward and schedule sales appointments with the flexibility often needed by both parties.

Lead Nurturing

For leads that engage, but aren't ready to move forward in the sales process for whatever reason, we add them back into an automated engagement campaign to make ensure that when the timing becomes right, you are the one they turn to. Anytime a lead responds with a question or status update they are pulled out of the automated nurturing campaign and our conversation engine, once again, takes over.

Database Reactivation

Engaging your database can be extremely profitable when done right. Having previous 1 on 1 conversations with new leads makes this easier. Database reactivations are a great way to drive sales to current and past customers when you have a new product, service, or special to promote. They are also a great way to get referrals, get reviews, establish contact efficiently if something needs updated.

Custom Dashboard

Log into your custom dashboard at anytime to see the status of every lead, view real time conversations, track your ROI with us and with each of your lead sources and more. We know how important it is to track data and we built the dashboard accordingly. Even our clients who don't like "logging in" end up spending quite a bit of time here.

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