Interactive Texting™

Nudge runs done-for-you engagement campaigns via Interactive Texting™, making it possible to have one-on-one conversations at scale, at the moments that matter most.

We run custom, hyper-targeted engagement campaigns via Interactive Texting™ at the most pivotal moments in your customers journey, giving brands the ability to have one-on-one conversations at scale all from one platform.


Every interaction is a possibility for future engagement. Growing your database should be a top priority to secure the long term health of your business. We offer both CRM and loyalty program options to get you started on building your database, or we integrate with all the major CRM and loyalty providers available today.


Never before have consumers demanded personalized experiences that make their lives easier then they do today. Using interactive texting™ we give your brand the ability to have outbound, one-on-one conversations at scale during the most crucial moments in your customer's journey.


When you have a healthy database and a way to engage your list you have the power to grow like never before. No more feeling the constant pressure to find new business, no more hope and prayer marketing, no more wondering. The old adage rings true, the money IS in the list.

Delighting Through Engagement

Campaign Design

Designing a great engagement campaign starts with establishing your campaign goals. We work with you to establish your goals and build a campaign designed to help you reach them.

Once you've determined your campaign goals it's time to segment your list to make sure every conversation you have is highly relevant and happens at just the right time in your customer's journey.

With Nudge, you don't just get a platform, you get a team of engagement experts to help you craft the perfect outbound message that resonates and gets responses. And we don't stop there. Our conversation experts manage your conversations, so you don't have to.

One-On-One Conversations At Scale

Nudge holds outbound conversations at scale. Our Interactive Texting™ software makes it possible to reach your customer's demands for personalized, relevant experiences by having one-on-one conversations at the most important moments in their customer journey.

Each campaign starts with a series of automated messages created with the intent of getting a response. Once a response is received the customer is pulled out of the automated campaign and our Interactive AI system takes over the conversation from there. Should our AI system get stuck, a member of our team is notified to take over the conversation and ensure a natural interaction happens every single time.

One Inbox, One Platform

When you use Nudge you can view and manage all of your conversations from one inbox. No more trying to manage multiple softwares to engage your customers. Nudge can integrate with or replace the need for separate email marketing, SMS, IVR, and social inbox tools such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Skipio, Textedly, Calldrip, and many more.

When you log into your conversations inbox you'll see the conversations our Interactive AI engine is having via SMS, email, Facebook messenger, and more all in one easy to read inbox.

TCPA Compliance

Businesses that use the phone to make calls and send SMS messages are subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and must remain compliant or face penalties.

Our compliance team is in place to stay up to date on the ever-changing laws and help our clients develop checks and balances to make sure they remain compliant at all times.

Our Interactive AI System even has a blacklist response mechanism designed to opt customers out regardless of how they phrase their request.

When you work with Nudge you can rest assured that your business is communicating the right way, every time.

Our Most Popular Engagement Campaigns

Database Reactivation

If you've been building your database for a while you likely have a list of cold leads and former clients that have left for one reason or another.

Design a campaign to wake those people up, have a conversation with them, and entice them to come back to you.

These campaigns work best with at least 250 cold leads/former clients and work so well we guarantee our results or you don't owe us a dime.

New Leads

If you're looking for a way to maximize your marketing spend and drive your lead to call conversion rate through the roof this campaign is a must.

We follow-up with all of your digital inbound leads within 5 minutes (or when you tell us to), regardless of when they come in, and continue to follow-up until contact is made.

Once a lead is engaged we qualify and convert them based on your specifications. Our Interactive AI system can even transfer calls and schedule appointments directly to your calendar.

Our per lead pricing makes this a viable option whether you are bringing in 50 or 5,000 leads per month.

Cross Sell

Your customers love your business. You owe it to them to inform them of any new products or services that may enhance their lives. Do so and they'll love you even more.

Design a campaign aimed at current customers to bring them back more often and increase their lifetime customer value. One conversation at a time.

This is another campaign that works so well we guarantee our results or you don't owe us a dime.


Reviews are critical to the organic growth of your business. Your customers search Google, Facebook, or industry specific review sites to see what others have to say about your business, oftentimes before they even contact you. This means the only control you have is to put your best foot forward and make sure you are accurately represented with plenty of great reviews on every site your potential customers may be looking at.

Did you know Google bases much of their local search result rankings off the number of reviews you have along with your review scores?

Whether you want to run an ongoing review campaign, or reach out to your customers annually, these campaigns are a great way to make sure you get the credit you deserve online.


You offer a product or service that takes place annually, semi-annually, or every few months or a non-profit organization that needs to drive results to survive, a renewal campaign makes for an efficient way to have conversations with every customer exactly when its time for them to schedule or give.

Here is a common use case. In Minnesota homes have furnaces. Furnaces are supposed to be serviced every year. With a renewal campaign, past customers can easily be reminded when they are due for service and scheduled directly to your calendar simply by having a conversation.

No more customers falling through the cracks, no more having to staff up for a couple of busy times each year. Rest assured you're getting the repeat business you deserve.


Sometimes it's nice to say hello without trying to sell something. Or wish someone a happy birthday, happy anniversary, or acknowledge another milestone.

These campaigns are a great way to build goodwill, establish trust, and turn customers into fans. And we've been amazed at the results that have come from a simple act of kindness.

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